BEYSAD 22nd Ordinary Financial General Assembly Meeting was held
21 April 2015

In the BEYSAD General Assembly Meeting that has recently become a tradition as the “Sector Meet-Up,” this year the Guest Speaker was Vestel Corporate Group’s CEO Turan Erdoğan. Mr. Erdoğan was accompanied by Nedim Sezer, Member of the Executive Board of Vestel Beyaz Eşya; General Manager Erdal Haspolat; Vice Manager of Purchasing Kemal Özgür; Purchasing Managers Gonca Eti, Koray Kırış, and Gökmen Çeşmeci.

BEYSAD 22nd Ordinary Financial General Assembly meeting of 2015 was held in Marriott Hotel Asia on Tuesday, 21 April 2015 by the participation of 145 people.

Vestel Corporate Group’s CEO Turan Erdoğan began his speech with a warm talk and continued with Vestel’s “local by pride” introduction film. His presentation went on sharing his experiences and suggestions and ended with a question and answer section.

Mr. Erdoğan started his presentation with the evaluation of 2014 and he, then talked about Vestel’s innovation studies conducted in 2014 – he proudly shared with us Vestel’s innovations in white appliances as well as electronics.

Turan Erdoğan highlighted Turkey’s power and competence to produce anything and he made a striking point as to why Turkey should not be a white appliances technology center, a compressor production base or an engine production base. He recommended especially the young team and members of the Turkish White Appliances Sub-Industry to push the main industries towards the products they can produce as much as possible saying “I can do this.”

He underlined that the government should provide more support in all investments and developments and he said in summary that Vestel would

  • “Continue investing in R&D,
  • Create advanced technology,
  • Enter world markets, and
  • Grow together.”

After his speech, Mr. Erdoğan sincerely answered the questions asked to him during the Q&A session. At the end, Turan Erdoğan was presented a Thank You plaque by Bahadır Balkır.

The first part of the meeting that was for the General Assembly started with the opening and a moment of silence, and then the Turkish National Anthem, according to the agenda. The Board was comprised of Murat Önay, Handan Hasipek and Berrak Çekin.
In the meeting, BEYSAD’s Chairperson of the Board of Directors Bahadır Balkır gave the opening speech and said: “We paid attention to working as a team with the board members and our members in all the activities we carried out.” After expressing his gratitude for BEYSAD YK members, Young Beysad members and BEYSAD employees, he gave the stage to Vice Chairperson Burak Özaydemir. Mr. Özaydemir listed their activities of 2014 as follows:

  • 21st Ordinary General Assembly Meeting was held
  • Liebherr Bulgaria facilities were visited
  • As a part of the Ur-Ge project, Mexico trip was organized
  • As a part of the Ur-Ge project, IFA (Berlin) Fair was attended
  • Ur-Ge Project closing dinner was held
  • Kayseri trip was organized
  • AMICA Suppliers’ Day was carried out
  • Monitoring and Guiding Committee Meetings were held
  • The journal reached the 100th issue
  • Cooperation agreements were signed with universities: Sabancı, Okan, Özyeğin, and Anadolu Universities
  • Arçelik Romania Arctic S.A. facilities were visited
  • So far 145 members have been visited
  • We were represented on many important platforms
  • «Future of White Appliances, at Smart Solutions» panel was organized by our R&D Committee at TET R&D Project Market
  • BEYSAD Journal continues to be issued quarterly (101st issue)
  • We released the 249th weekly bulletin yesterday
  • Chinese Chuzhou Mayor and his entourage were hosted
  • A shareholding agreement was signed with Ahir Teşvik Danışmanlık
  • An application in the name of BEYSAD was made to Istanbul Development Agency, Innovative Istanbul Program, the outcome is awaited
  • 5.5% discount is provided by Petrol Ofisi
  • A joint project on renting and buying forklifts was initiated with Zer A.Ş.
  • 15 new members were gained during this time

In the next days;

  • The first “Meeting University Students” will be held at Özyeğin University on May 26, 2015
  • A visit to Poland is planned for the second week of June
  • A participation application was made for the IFA Fair to be held in September
  • Studies for the second Ur-Ge Project have been initiated

Burak Özaydemir talked about the places we were represented:
“We attended various events including Bosch’s meeting day with Turkish Suppliers hosted by Uludağ Exporters’ Union, 9th Competition Congress, International Competitiveness and Cooperation Conference, and BSH Suppliers’ Day held in Munich. With the white appliances panel organized by BEYSAD, we brought the role of the sub-industry in R&D in our sector to agenda in the R&D Project Market held on April 8, 2015. At the Electrical and Electronics Sector Meeting that was held on Mart 28 and hosted by TET, we had the chance to present the expectations of the sector from the public sector in a special file in the framework of the Industry Strategy of the Ministry and our Strategy Document to the Minister Fikri Işık and his team.”

Next, the balance sheet and the income and expense tables for 2014 were presented by BEYSAD Financial Advisor Birnur Yenier according to the agenda, the Report of the Board of Auditors was read by the Head of the Board of Auditors Besim Oktayer on behalf of the Board, and the draft budget of 2015 was negotiated and submitted to vote. The article on the amendment of the Code was submitted to vote and accepted unanimously.

Some of our members wanted to talk during the wishes and requests section. Head of the Board of Auditors Besim Oktayer, member Savaş Özaydemir and Young Beysad member Hasan Okyar Bayraktar took the floor and presented their thoughts and suggestions on the positive development of BEYSAD. They called for more Young Beysad members.

After the break, the second part of the program started. The second part to which authorities from Vestel also attended began with the BEYSAD introduction film and then, the presentation on BEYSAD given by the Young Beysad member and Associate Member of the Board of Directors Hasan Okyar Bayraktar. Next, the section that included the sincere presentation of Turan Erdoğan the details of which are specified above was completed and after the closing speech given by Bahadır Balkır, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of BEYSAD, a cocktail with high participation including our guests from Vestel started.

We would like to thank all our guests who joined us. 

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