Arma Kalıp General Manager Mustafa Adıgüzel
February 2012

Dear BEYSAD readers, we continue to make interviews with our members in order to introduce them to you. We have interviewed with Mr. Mustafa Güzel, General Manager of Arma Kalıp. Mr. Güzel told us about their firm and activities. We would like to thank him for sparing his time to this interview.

Can you please tell us about yourself briefly?
I was born in Kırklareli in 1955. I started to work as an apprentice in an atelier when I was young. In 1978 I set up my own business in the field of mold and pressing jobs. We began to invest in our business, machinery and equipment even then and made effort to grow our business. Building on the partnership of two brothers, we expanded Arma Kalıp to move to a plant of 400 m2 in Bayrampaşa. We have always focused on investing in our business and creating employment. Our headcount at the Bayrampaşa plant was 4 people. Today, 47 people are working at our Ikitelli plant with a covered area of 1500 m2 and we are very proud to have expanded our business. In 2013 we plan to open our new facility in Hadımköy with a covered area of 5000 m2. We aim to increase our headcount and labor force as a result new projects that we intend to carry out in the near future.

Can you please tell us about Arma Kalıp and its business activities?
Operating as a mold and pressing atelier in 1980 in Bayrampaşa, Arma Kalıp used to manufacture special spare parts mostly for the automotive industry in those years. Additionally, we were manufacturing springs, rings and molds in the market. As a result of special requests from the white goods industry and building on its experience in the mold business, the firm began to design and manufacture metal springs and screw clips with its own molds. 

Today, our firm manufactures following products:

  • DIN 3016-1 and DIN 3017-2 connection clamps,
  • Hose clamps,
  • Pipe clamps and cable clamps,
  • Exhaust clamps and heavy duty clamps,
  • Hanger clamps,
  • Special spring clips for appliance and automotive applications,
  • Screw clips and U clips,
  • Cage nuts,
  • U-type metric clips, and
  • Washers with special springs. 

The company manufactures different fasteners, brackets and components as well as other products designed by itself with its automatic metal forming machines. Arma Kalıp responds to special customer requests, as well. 

Our products for the white goods industry are as follows:

For oven groupfastening spring for bek chamber, sparkplug clips, inner glass washer, bek table fastening spring, button protection spring, seran hotplate pressing spring, injector carrier clips and aluminum clamp.

For washing machine grouppressing spring for balance weight, washer with spring and chassis clips.

For refrigerator groupscrew clips, M8 caged nut and spring clips.

For dishwasher groupvarious spring clips.

Can you please tell us about the organizational structure of Arma Kalıp?
We serve our customers via experienced staff dedicated to continuous improvement and three production units. Pressing unit deals with pressing jobs, clamp unit manufactures and assembles hose and pipe clamps and mass production unit manufactures high volume clips with automatic forming machines. Domestic-overseas sales, purchasing, production planning, R&D and quality control units support our production. Our organization is structured in line with the requirements of the ISO/TS 16949 quality system certificate and we make intense efforts to reach process targets set out on the basis of these specifications. 

Can you please give information about your export volumes and name countries that you sell your products most?
In 2001 we began to focus more on fairs, promotion and advertisement activities and as a result we export to 15 countries today. Exporting its products to different parts of the world, primarily Europe, Arma Kalıp attends domestic and overseas fairs in order to widen its customer portfolio. Our export rate equals 30% as of 2011 and we desire to increase it to 40% in 2012. 

To which industries does your company offer services?
Founded in 1980, Arma Kalıp has been serving to its customers from various sectors such as automotive and white goods sectors in a plant of 1500 m² covered area. Our components are used as fasteners in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, ovens, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, agriculture equipment, fluid systems, engine systems and acclimatizing devices. 

What are your company’s main attributes that make it different from your competitors?

  • There are various factors making us different, to name a few: We are committed to continuous improvement and ready to make investments for this purpose.
  • We can make special production of products designed by our R&D unit.
  • Our own molding unit can manufacture samples quickly and adapt to changes rapidly.
  • We provide assistance in relation to prototype production process until the component is used for mass manufacturing purposes.
  • Quick adaptation capabilities allow us to switch from prototype production to mass production rapidly.
  • Our mass production machinery designed specifically for the components performs mass production with high quality and reasonable pricing.
  • Our firm is a pioneer in the localization projects.
  • We are ready to cooperate with our customers in projects that require cost advantages.
  • Finally, we have 30-year experience as a supply industry firm.

What are your expectations from BEYSAD as our member? What can we do for you?
First of all, thanks a lot for allowing us to introduce our firm in this issue of your magazine. Welosely follow BEYSAD's activities, its communication with main industry firms and receive your newsletters regularly, which all keep us informed about developments in the industry. Printed materials are effective tools in reaching the purchasing directors of both local and foreign main industry companies, as they can serve as a guideline for many years. Therefore, I believe BEYSAD can prepare a printed supplier portfolio guideline to be renewed annually and including information about BEYSAD members and their product. Sending this material to the purchasing teams of both main industry firms and supply industry players, BEYSAD would provide its members with an effective tool of promotion.

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