ARaymond Industrial EMEA Country Sales Orkan Aksoy
Semtember 2016

Could you please introduce yourself?

I’ve been working at ARaymond Industrial EMEA more than 1 year as Country Sales Manager. Previously, I’ve been in different Automotive multinational companies having had experiences within the country and also internationally. I’m holding a degree of Industrial Engineering and MBA (Master of Business). And during my studentship period, I’ve worked at Defense Companies and some others as an initiative to understand different segments and experiences in different functions.

Could you please introduce us ARaymond company and business activities of the company?

Grenoble, glove-making capital of the world. Albert-Pierre Raymond, a young 24-year old mechanic,Hippolyte-Benoît Allègre, an engraver, and Alexandre Guttin, a gilder, form a partnership to use the first patent for a glove fastener.   

With 150 years of market experience, ARaymond Network is a global leader in the automotive fastening industry. We create added value fasteningand assembly solutions, using the specific advantages of metal, plastic and the combination of the two.

2015 has special meaning for all of us, we are celebrating our 150 years in all our served countries. Today across the globe most vehicles contain on average 500 ARaymond parts.

Could you please mention us about ARaymond organizational structure?

ARaymond Network management center is based in France, Grenoble and ARaymond Industrial EMEA center is based in Spain, Barcelona.

ARaymond Network has 29 factories across the globe from America to Asia , Europe to India, China, Japan and Korea in 4 continents.

Also in different countries, we have 11 Engineering Offices and 1 Engineering Center.

25,000 different references currently in our production together with 1670 active patents.

6000 men and women who constitute the richness and diversity of the Network which 350 of people involved in R&D projects.

A minimum of 13 different languages are spoken in the Networktogether with 1 culture of a single, family company ‘’Network’’

Our total revenue is above the Billion Euros and which 6% of turnover invested in Research and Development every year.

One of the most important plant of ARaymond Network having activities as ARaymond Turkey more than 10 years in the country which is based in TAYSAD Organization Industrial Zone together with our 200 collagues.

ARaymond Turkey has a General Manager, management team and also Engineering with other functions such as Purchasing, Production, Human Resources, Tool Shop, Planning and Logistics, Finance and Business Development. ARaymond Turkey has started to capacity increase and expansion in currently owned facilities with high dedication and devotion during 2016.

ARaymond Industrial have a separate General Manager and management team  and also Engineering and Product Management Team together with other functions which is independent from production location decions making mechanism but also interdepently focusing to needs of industry to develop dedicated and adapted products with our production expertise.

Our structure serves us and also to our partners as more flexible and focusing deep details of White Goods and other segments. For example, we are partnering with some key OEM’s in the White Goods industry and already saving them through Productivity improvements,  hundreds of thousands of €’s annualy thank you to our assembly solutions and products.

What is the key makes you different from your competitors?

« Our mission is to create value »… You probably heard our name together with Sustainability, Innovation and Exchange…

The concepts of continuity and independence of the family business are part of our ARaymond Network key values. We can say, Innovation is in our company's DNA. Think about 150 years ago, Invention of the fastening elements for the glow, footwear industry or press-stud in textileswhich we all used once upon a time at least one time, so today in different forms of fastening Technologies, ARaymond is still touching our lives in our Automobiles, when we are travelling by Trains, in our offices or homes with White Goods, Air Conditioners or Smart Devices

I think this example illustrates our journey of Innovation is going where very well.

Contribution of ARaymond Network; our people, team as always very important.

The attention paid to the men and women who comprise the ARaymond Network is reflected in its philosophy and its organisation. The Network has developed a cooperative structure.

The goal is to enable the skills, ideas and expertise to be shared, through a flexible, cross-functional and adaptable structure according to needs. By encouraging initiative the ARaymond Network allows everyone to have the role of "cooperative entrepreneur".

The international growth of the ARaymond Network over the past forty years has led to a five-fold increase in the number of employees. As well as their industrial success, the managers are proud to be surrounded by talented and motivated men and women, who all share the same values of respect and collaboration.

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