Another BEYSAD-TET-Cooperated Us Trade Delegation Left Behind… BEYSAD Vice President Erdoğan Kalay: “We Are Patiently Learning The Rules And Soon Getting In The Game...”

On January 21-27, 2018, 25 representatives from 18 companies that are BEYSAD members and 35 individuals in total had a trip to the United States of America. In this trip that proved to be highly fruitful, the AHR Fair where conditioning and cooling technologies were displayed was attended and also, 2 world giants – Whirlpool and Electrolux – were visited.

One of BEYSAD’s major shareholders, a trip was held as a part of the URGE project last year in collaboration with TET (Union of Electric, Electronic and Service Exporters) and the CES Fair was visited. A new event was organized with even wider participation upon the high interest coming from our members as well as the invitation of Electrolux.

Regarding the delegation, BEYSAD Vice President Mr. Erdoğan Kalay stated: “We had highly beneficial B2B meetings at Whirlpool and Electrolux. We visited the AHR Fair for the first time. We had the chance to meet with the leading actors of the sector. We took a few more steps towards our goals. Being here again this year shows our seriousness to the world’s biggest companies. The New World offers us major opportunities. We will keep on with patience and care. We would like to thank all our shareholders who made this happen.” 

TET Auditory Board Member Mr. Besim Oktayer gave us a short briefing on the trip: “We left behind another trade delegation to the USA, one of our target countries, held by the Union of Exporters with the participation of BEYSAD members. The USA is one of our target countries. It is the hub of the highest consumption in the world. It is naturally very hard for individual companies to enter the market. Therefore, such events as this held by the Union of Exporters are extremely important.

On the first day of the delegation, we were at the AHR Fair where intermediate products in conditioning, heating and cooling technologies and products of main producers were exhibited. The participation was extremely high. It was our first trip for most of us and some of us decided to attend next year. Whirlpool was visited. We were very welcome. The companies were matched and B2B meetings were held. We got our homework… Next, we visited Electrolux. We were invited to come back when we were there last year. We were received at the Vice President level; there were very well organized. We had more B2B meetings there. Our companies were also well prepared. The participants were very pleased with the visits held. We promised each other to be here again next year. We had spot-on visits. We are indebted to Murat, Hande, and Doğaç from TET and Ayşegül from BEYSAD.”

During this trip that was organized with intensive preparation, firstly the AHR Fair was visited in Chicago. At this Fair, our members ErtaElektromekanik, Konveyör and Assan opened stands and we could visit them as well. The fair was crowded and well organized. It was an interesting event for BEYSAD members who serve automotive, electronics, conditioning and brown goods besides white goods. We got feedback from some of our members that they thought it would be good for them to take part in this fair. We think that expertise fairs held in different geographies are significant opportunities to see what is happening in the world in general, where the respective sector goes and especially to enter a vast market like the American market and to extend our export sphere. We hope that our members had beneficial meetings there.

We, as BEYSAD, tried to include all kinds of companies, institutions and sites that were of interest to our members in the region we visited during this trip, as we do at every trip. We think that BEYSAD’s contact with main industry contacts and TET’s meticulous work, positive feedback on our suggestions, constructive support to us, and public connections enabled this trip to become a synergy-powered trip.

In this context, we would like to thank especially TET and BEYSAD executives, TET Branch Manager Mr. Murat Tuncel, Specialist Mr. DoğaçDilaver and Assist. Specialist HandeCelayir for their tremendous effort.

Our visit to Whirlpool that was organized for the second day of our trip started off with a presentation by Whirlpool. After an overall briefing, companies and representatives were matched based on components and efficient B2B meetings were held. During the event that took about half a day, our hospitable and well-organized hosts made us very happy. We would like to thank our contact Mr. İlyasKil and Chicago Attache’s Office Representative Mr. BarlasBildir for their intensive efforts in getting the appointment.

On the last day of the trip in Chicago, the USA Turkish Trade Center was visited. The Center official gave us a briefing on the Center and the opportunities it may offer, which involves the Union of Chemical Exporters. On the same day, Chicago Consul General for Turkey Mr. UmutAcar hosted us at the Chicago Consulate General. At the same meeting, we had the chance to listen to an informative presentation about the IMA Producers’ Association.

The visit to Electrolux the next day was also extremely beneficial thanks to the meticulous preparations made by our members and Electrolux officials alike and the efficient B2B meetings held. After the event that was hosted by Vice President Mr. Lucio Bicalho and that included all purchasing officials, Electrolux promised to visit us in Istanbul and we promised to meet at Electrolux again next year.

This trip to the USA was efficient both for us and for our members. We would like to thank all our members for taking part in it. Last but not least, we would like to extend our gratitude to TET executives, TET Branch Manager Mr. Murat Tuncel and his team for their tremendous effort in making this event possible. 

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