ABB Robotics BEYSAD Customer Days Event was held.
15 March 2017

We keep on maintaining our cooperation with our BE4 Event sponsors as well as bring them together with our members. As the second of the events held to this end, we organized ABB Robotics BEYSAD Customer Days Event in cooperation with ABB and BEYSAD on Wednesday, March 15,2017.

Considering that today robots have become an essential part of our daily lives and literature with the Industry 4.0, the purpose of this event was to enable the customers to listen to the respective parties about a number of robotic solutions adapted to their production needs.

Limited to 25 people only, the event received much interest and was successfully held with full capacity according to the following program summary.

At Four Points by Sheraton Dudullu Hotel;
10:00 - 12:20 Presentations
12:20 - 13:20 Lunch
13:20 - 13:30 Transfer from the Hotel to ABB Dudullu 2 Facilities in shuttles
13:30 - 15:30ABB Robotic Showroom Visit and Closing


During this program, ABB Robotics Division Local Business Unit Manager Emre Tural, Sales Manager Funda Çorakçı and Sales Engineer Umut Akan presented product introductions accompanied by very important information and sector-specific solutions. After the presentations, Erdoğan Kalay, Vice President of the Board of Directors of BEYSAD, gave the closing speech and submitted a thank you plaque to Emre Tural. Mr. Kalay underlined that BEYSAD will keep on organizing such events, make these important cooperations that start with our BE4 Event a tradition, inform as many members of ours as possible about them, and clarify the unknown or the misknown about the Industry 4.0 and robot systems. Mr. Erdoğan Kalay said: “It is very important in terms of spreading the culture that any event regarding the components of the Industry 4.0 be attended by individuals employed in different lines of business besides the respective authorities."

The most important and one of the newest products of ABB’s – YuMi attracted major attention.

The new robotic co-worker age has begun. YuMi emerged as a result of years of research and developments on the human-robot cooperation. ABB developed a robot system based on human-robot cooperation that can assemble small parts with its two arms. This robot has flexible arms, a part supply system, a camera-based part locating feature and a cutting-edge technology controller. YuMi will carry the vision of the future to now and change everything we know of assembly automation. With YuMi that is “you and me,” we will find various new areas to collaborate.

Human-robot cooperation
The functionality of this innovative, human-friendly, two-armed robot was designed for the automation potential of the industrial world that is yet to be discovered. YuMi was designed for the new automation age when humans and robots will work on same tasks in cooperation. Safety is integrated in the functions of the robot. YuMi makes barriers and cages a thing of the past and eliminates all kinds of obstacles in front of cooperation.

Moreover, during the ABB Robotic Showroom visit with the show program regarding HTC Vive ( Virtual Reality) , IRB1200, IRB 6700 Spot Welding, Force Control , Arc Welding, Palletizing cell and with the ABB FlexPicker Robot on ICC cells, the BEYSAD members who attended the show were enabled to use the robot directly and to see the sector-specific application solutions closely. The attendees have learnt that the local solutions offered by the ABB Robotic team are accessible in global business quality.

We would like to thank the ABB people for their effort in making the BEYSAD Customer Days Event happen where we shared new products and applications as well as our members for taking part in it

About ABB:
ABB is a leading technology leader that gives service to customers in the public services, industry, transportation and infrastructure sectors on global level. ABB has been creating the future of industrial digitalization for over forty years. With its system of more than 70 million connected devices in all the customer segments and its 70.000 installed control systems, ABB has positioned itself in a way to benefit from the advantages of the Energy and 4th Industrial Revolution. ABB, with a legacy of over 130 years, has approximately 135.000 employees and is operated in more than 100 countries.

ABB Robot and Motion division offers products, solutions and services that boost energy efficiency and industrial productivity. This division provides power, movement and control to long-distance automation applications with its engines, generators, drivers, power electronics and robots. Its leading position in products for wind generators complements its industrial focus utilizing shared technology, channels and operation platforms.

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