A year ending with awards at Cam Merkezi
25 December 2018

As we are leaving behind yet another successful year, we have made a brief interview with our esteemed member Cam Merkezi’s CEO Mr. Semavi Yorgancılar on their new investments and the success secrets of the company.

This is your 44th year in the sector as a family company. Cam Merkezi is not only involved with white goods, but also has other branches of business. How would you describe the current situation of your company?
Our Family Company took off doing glass trade in a small workshop in 1974 and today it is one of the leading and the fastest growing companies in Turkey in 4 distinct branches of business with 3 strong brands under its umbrella.

Our Yorsan Business located in Izmir, Kemalpasa is entirely focused on glass trade and serves to the Turkish market with its solid supply network having 44 years of experience and the broadest product range in the sector. Our Yorglas Business, which was located in Izmir, Cigli until 1 month ago and was moved to Manisa, when our new Smart Facility started its operations, was founded in 1989 as Turkey’s first satine glass production facility.

Our Yorim brand serving to the Commercial Cooler and White Goods sectors carries on its operations in our facilities located in Kocaeli, Bolu, Eskisehir, and Manisa and serves adopting an innovative production approach that is awarded with a new award every year by the world giants.

Today we serve in a vast geography including approximately 60 countries.

We learnt about your new and first smart facility in Manisa back in April. I see that you have started production.
Yes, we laid the foundations of our First Smart Facility in 2018 April to let our customers have ‘the excellent service experience’.

Our decorative glass production was started in our new smart facility in October, which will be immediately followed by door and glass production for the Commercial Closet sector and our white goods line will be activated. Our new facility that has completed its digital transformation in compliance with the age of Industry 4.0 and will serve with its online production and traceable lines will become one of the modern production facilities in our sector.

We know how much you care for investing in production; I remember hearing about your Smart Facility Investment right after your second factory in Bolu began production.
Yes, you are right... We are in this sector for 44 years now. We serve to over 60 countries in 6 continents. We listen to our shareholders and the market very attentively and we believe that we analyze their needs accurately. Production using the technology to meet the national regulations required by different cultures, different purchasing habits, and different climates…

We know that the need to achieve a more sustainable progress is operational excellence and by having the mission of applying the “Operational Excellence” model to every step from the production to the delivery to the end consumer with great sensitivity, attention and professionality, we improve our processes continuously and work toward a sustainable future.

Last year we activated our 2nd factory in Bolu and organized our business in a way to serve with product-specific single-flow production lines in compliance with our ‘One Product – One Factory’ strategy. The feedback from our customer-satisfaction-focused investments proves how solid the steps we take are.

We can easily say that for Cam Merkezi the priority is always the customer, then.
That is right; the biggest accomplishment of our company is customer loyalty that has been preserved and improved since the day of its establishment. Our goal is always ‘Excellent Customer Experience’.

Our customer-focused production approach reflects our competence of producing sustainable and innovative solutions and brings success to our customers, as well. We invest in the production and customer services skills to offer the best solution to the right customer in over 60 countries.

We reaped the fruits of this approach of ours this year. We were nominated as a candidate for the Innovation Award in the Suppliers’ Days organized in Sweden in October as the only Turkish and only glass business by our global giant Key Account for the brand-new line designed by our team for this Key Account for its 100th year anniversary and we are proud to be named one of the 3 finalists. Moreover, we took our place in the “Premium Product Range” of our account with this brand-new line. We will continue representing our country with our professional and strong team that is touchstone of our growing organization, new investments, and our successful 44 years.

As we are ending troublesome year for our country, it is refreshing to hear such good news from our sector. Last month you were presented another award. In the same month, you were nominated for the Innovation Award and were given the Sustainability Award. Could you share with us your success secrets as a family company?
First of all, this project realized by TAİDER is a true learning platform for both parties. We have a strong future generation trained in the preparation process and included in the real-time learning activity. We can see this project as a school for them; I should also add that our team is very excited to be a part of this school in the years to come.

Although the success of family companies is reflected on the generations, I see the situation from a different angle. Each of us has big and small responsibilities in the corporate organization. We all work with the awareness of it and create this beautiful company and share this value we have created in a fair way. Sustainability, I think, is the responsibility of each individual in a company. This is the touchstone of the success of Cam Merkezi: Our Team. We preserve this culture altogether. With our sustainability approach, we carry on adding value in every aspect of our society, reducing the impact on the environment, creating and adding permanent values for our shareholders. As of today, we are a family of 720; we are growing together and we are succeeding together.

Thank you for this pleasant interview. Would you like to add anything else?
I would like to thank you for your kind visit. In summary, under the success of Cam Merkezi lie focus, operational excellence and sustainability approach as well as targeting the entire globe, not only its region. We do all these by putting adding value in every aspect of the society, reducing the environmental impacts of our operations, creating and adding permanent values for our shareholders in the center of everything and plan all our operations in line with these criteria.

Our priority is always adding value with customer satisfaction and preserving the sustainability of this value for all our employees, shareholders, and business partners. Creating a difference not only as a glass center for the world, but also with the services we offer.

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