18th Ordinary Financial General Assembly Meeting of BEYSAD
12 April 2011

 At the 18th Ordinary Financial General Assembly Meeting of BEYSAD (White Goods Suppliers Association) made on Tuesday, 12 April 2011 at the Marriott Hotel Asia, BEYSAD welcomed its members as well as officials of DemirDöküm-Vaillant. 

The meeting attended by 105 people started with the opening ceremony followed by a moment of silence and national anthem of Turkey. Election for presidency council was made afterwards. Mr. Murat Fırat, Mr. Hüseyin Darıcı and Mr. Fevzi Çakmak were elected as the members of the presidency council upon recommendation by members. 

In line with the Chairman of the Presidency Council's managing the meeting, M. Bahadır Balkır, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BEYSAD, was invited to take the floor. He presented the 2010 Annual Report to the audience. Mr. Bahadır Balkır dwelled on following topics in his speech and concluded his remarks saying, "We did our best to act as a team together with the members of the Board of Directors." 

  • 2010 Ordinary General Assembly Meeting of BEYSAD
  • DOMOTECHNICA Istanbul  
  • Innovative practices in the automotive and white goods supply industries
  • Meeting for the Promotion of KOSGEB's (Small and Medium Industry Development Organization) Incentive Package
  • Our members learned about the FUTURE SME projects
  • Presentation made to BSH in Berlin
  • BSH's meeting with BEYSAD members
  • Russia visit made in the scope of BSH Powerhouse Project
  • 73 BEYSAD members and all of the main industry firms were visited
  • Board of Directors Meeting of BEYSAD held in Manisa
  • Renewal of BEYSAD web page
  • A number of references in the written press about BEYSAD
  • 48th issue of monthly newsletters was issued yesterday
  • 16 new members joined BEYSAD
  • BEYSAD's relationship with IMMIB (Istanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters' Association) improved
  • The BEYSAD Magazine continues to be published
  • Works for preparing a Strategy Paper for White Goods Supply Industry have started 

In line with the meeting agenda, following the speech of the BEYSAD chairman, 2010 balance sheet and income - loss accounts were presented by Ms. Birnur Yenier, the Certified Public Accountant of BEYSAD and the Audit Committee Report was read aloud by Ms. Ayşegül Koç, Public Relations Manager of BEYSAD. Working plan, draft budget and economic enterprise capital increase for 2010 were all discussed and voted.   These subjects were unanimously approved. 

Then, Mr. Hasan Danişment, the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of BEYSAD took the floor and mentioned about his positive opinions as to the Strategy Paper for the White Goods Supply Industry. Finally, Mr. M. Bahadır Balkır, Chairman of BEYSAD, took the floor and extended his profuse thanks to the guests for their participation and gave the floor to Mr. Christoph Grosser, CEO of DemirDöküm-Vaillant. 

DemirDöküm-Vaillant made a presentation at the General Assembly Meeting of BEYSAD to inform members about their business activities. 

Celebrating its 57th anniversary, DemirDöküm-Vaillant's CEO Mr. Cristoph Grosser made a presentation to businessmen, who are members of BEYSAD, and told about the firm's successful business and established experience in the industry. 

Focusing on the global world economy and development of the European heating and hot water industry, Mr. Christoph Grosser also gave information about the history of Vaillant Group and DemirDöküm and the company's perspective to suppliers. Mr. Christoph Grosser shared data about the development of natural gas in Turkey and world.

Mr. Christoph Grosser stressed that "DemirDöküm-Vaillant enhances its communication with suppliers by acting together with them on the basis of business partnership principles." He also added that DemirDöküm's policy to work mostly with local suppliers will continue with an increased focus. 

In his speech Mr. Christoph Grosser underlined that since its foundation DemirDöküm has been offering high quality products and services to consumers. Indicating that DemirDöküm has a very large sales and service network throughout Turkey, Mr. Christoph Grosser said they would continue their investments without slowing down.  

After Mr. Christoph Grosser completed his speech, Mr. M. Bahadır Balkır, Chairman of BEYSAD, granted him a plaque for their participation in the event. 

The meeting was closed by the chairman of the presidency council and guests enjoyed their drinks at the cocktail.

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